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Continuing Education at Hale Veterinary Clinic

Providing veterinary dental care to pet animals is only part of what Dr. Hale does. He has also been very busy educating veterinarians and technicians all over the world.

Up coming dates include:

Veterinary Dental Forum Phoenix November 15-18
There are several instructional videos on my YouTube channel.

Veterinary Education Today This conference in Toronto will include extraction wet-labs so is worth considering. It is September 27-29, 2018.

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Our large treatment room comfortably accommodates eight participants for a workshop on instrument sharpening.

Understanding Veterinary Dentistry

For DVMs and RVTs

A two-day lecture series. Topics will include anatomy, physiology, pathology, equipment, radiology/radiography, juvenile dentistry, feline issues, oral pathology, periodontal disease pathogenesis, prevention and management and oral surgery (flaps, extractions, wound closure...).

Dental Radiology
Wet Lab

For DVMs and RVTs


This wet-lab will give participants an opportunity to practice intra-oral radiography working on sensor and tube-head positioning, exposure, and interpretation using canine and feline dry-bone specimens

Dental Radiographic Interpretation


Getting diagnostic intra-oral dental radiographs is only the first step. Accurate interpretation of the images is equally important. This interactive session will help you along that learning curve. Participants will be encouraged to send/bring along some of their images (in digital format). Following a brief review of dental/oral anatomy and the basics of interpretation, we will look a a number of images and discuss what we are seeing, what it all means and what recommendations we would make based on those images.

Dental Instrument Sharpening Workshop


The course outlines the basic anatomy of dental scalers and curettes, the principles of sharpening (why and how) and the materials needed. Following the lecture there is a two-hour hands-on session during which participants get to practice their new skills. As well as scalers and curettes, sharpening of dental and periosteal elevators is taught. Course included lecture notes, coarse and fine sharpening stones, acrylic test stick and supply of sharpening angle guides.

Here is a great video from Hu-Freidy

CE Elsewhere




The Veterinary Dental Forum is the one dental conference each year that you should not miss. In 2018 the meeting will be in Phoenix from November 15 to 18.

www.veterinarydentalforum.com is the website for the forum and is the place to go to see the program and to register. The site also maintains a list of other dental CE opportunities around the world and so is an excellent resource.

Courtesy of Serona Animal Health

Serona Animal Health, of Vancouver, sponsors/hosts lectures and wet labs across Canada. For their 2013 and 2014 schedule of events, visit www.serona.ca.


Internet based modular course

Dr. Manfra-Maretta at the University of Illinois has put together an inter-net based dental CE program. Here is the link - http://vetmed.illinois.edu/veo/courses_clinical_dentistry.html

The program is very reasonably priced for practitioners. Veterinary students can take the course for about 10% of the regular cost - an incredible bargain.

Other courses for your consideration Here are just a few other sites to visit in your search for dental continuing education. This is not a complete list and inclusion here does not suggest that these courses are any better than ones not listed.





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